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My name is Jinwook Kim. I was born in South Korea, but I moved to Texas when I was 4 years old. I am a male. I say that because I actually got mistaken for a girl's name by a professor before. I've been living in Ft. Worth (White Settlement) most of my life and really like there here! I am currently going to UT Austin for a Bachelor of Science and Arts in Computer Science with a minor in Chinese. My hobbies are mainly in fine arts, but I like to fold origami, audio editting, play instruments, dance, beatbox, listen to slam poetry, and play tennis. My biggest passion are teaching and learning. I want to travel, explore the world, explore other countries educational systems in 1st person, and experience different fields in computer science before I go teaching in my old high school. One of my professor's quote in my freshman calculus class in UT was, "The best teachers/professors are always the best storytellers." Personally for me, I find that quote to be true because all the great teachers I had had amazing stories. This is a little taste of who I am! I cannot wait to learn more about y'all! Also, I REALLY love Texas and find it to be greatest country in the world!!! (I know that Texas is a state, but I like calling Texas a country :] <3 ).


I am currently attending The University of Texas at Austin pursuing to get my Bachelor of Science and Arts in Computer Science with a minor in Chinese.


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